Henri Tokola


Design & Brand Lead at The Qt Company
Co-founder of NotskiGames

01. About me

Epilogue: My career in a nutshell

I am Henri Tokola, a technology driven creative. I have 10 years of experience in international design and marketing from the advertising and technology industries. I have worked in various projects scaling from big global brands to small startups, where I have been usually the bridge between technical and design resources.

I currently work at The Qt Company as Design & Brand Lead and I am also a Co-Founder of NotskiGames – a Finnish mobile games studio founded in 2015.

My career in a nutshell
Insights of my design philosophy

02. Design

Insights of my design philosophy

I believe that design can be the enabler for great customer experience and at the same time it increases the brand value of the service provider. Good design is not only about nice images, colors, typography, shapes or illustrations. It is about combining visuals with interesting content, interactions, features, and also having the ability to make the best out of current and future technology. All the planning and action should focus on the principle idea that the end-user is a human being with emotional and rational needs.

03. Work philosophy

It's all about seamless teamwork

I have a lot of experience working with different local and global clients in the creative fields of design, branding, and marketing. I have lead design and technical teams working with digital channels and services. I believe great team work is based on clear objectives, inspiring environment, agile working methods, and good communication. I also like to take part by participating in various hands-on activities such as concept planning, creating mood boards, and designing services to help in the evolution of work. The greatest reward is to be able to see ideas become world-class services and products. It is what motivates people and fuels the team spirit.

It's all about seamless teamwork